Tally Audit Tutorial

Tally Audit provides the capability to the administrator/auditor to track changes in the accounts following his previous review. Changes of two areas are important – changes in transactions or vouchers and changes in ledger masters. Only material changes are considered, i.e., a change in the narration does not affect the integrity of a transaction, hence it would not be considered as changed. Any other change in a voucher is material and would be logged. The name of a ledger account if changed, it is material, hence it would be tracked. So also a change in the opening balance of a ledger master.

TallyAudit feature should be enabled while creating the company and authority lists. Only a user designated as an auditor or the administrator can view the audit list and act upon it. Tally tracks all changes made to vouchers that are more than 30 days old. Hence, changes to vouchers that are less than 30 days old are not reported. This is to allow adequate time to correct mistakes. A change includes insertion of new transactions or accounts.

You are not required to make any additional input of data. The authorised user simply needs to display TallyAudit lists and may print out the lists. If he is satisfied with the authenticity of the changes, he accepts the changes either selectively or all of them (by clicking on the relevant button). Once the changes are accepted, they are removed from the audit list and would not be available again. If, however, a change is repeated, it is reflected in the audit list.

Do you understand now What is Tally Audit?

Yes. It prevents frauds and cheats by any means. If amounts are changed in voucher entries after 30 days the change will be reflected in Audit list. An Auditor / admin can find these changes and he is satisfied he can remove them from the list. That is plain.

How to enable Tally Audit?

This is done in Company Creation / Alter Menu. Just open this screen and you will find

'Use Security Control' option. Select 'Yes' and it will ask for Administrator name and password. Give them and give yes for 'Use Tally Audit Features'.

To View the Audit List go to Display -> Statement of Accounts -> Vouchers -> Tally Audit

To view Audit you must have logged in as Administrator user account created in the company information page.

I will discuss advanced security in forthcoming posts. Tally Audit part of these security features available in Tally.


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