Voucher Dates in Tally

How the dates for vouchers are maintained in Tally 9.0? Whenever you create a new voucher Tally will automatically put the Date. Which date Tally will Put. By default the date for the first voucher you enter first time is the 'Book Beginning From' Date you entered in the company creation screen.

For example, if you gave 01-04-2010 as the Book Beginning From the default date is 01-04-2010. You have to change the date during voucher entry. During voucher entry press F2 to change the current. Subsequent vouchers will be set to this date.

When you close Tally and open it on some other day the date will be the last date you used in any voucher.

How to enter cash expenses in Tally 9 ?

Making Cash Expense Entry in Tally

Somebody asked how to enter cash expenses in Tally. Expenses are paid through payment vouchers. To make expense entry open payment voucher. Tally Will ask for the account to be debited. Select the Ledger for which you pay the cash. For example if you are paying for maintenance expense select the corresponding ledger. Then select cash account on the credit side and enter credit amount and save the voucher.

Tally 9.0 - What is Debit / Credit?

Somebody asked a basic question in Tally. In fact it is question in financial accounting. What is debit or credit in Tally? In accounting practice a single transaction is done by making two entries. One party is giving the amount and another is receiving. The giver's account is credited and receiver's account is debited.

The basic rule is Debit the receiver and credit the giver, debit what comes in and credit what goes out. For example if a customers buy goods/service and paying his bill. His account will be credited and cash / bank account will be debited. 

Debit, Credit - Single/Double entry

Configure single/double entry for payment, receipt and contra

Somebody asked me he is not getting debit credit entry fields in payment/receipt vouchers. Tally 9 by default is set to single entry for payment, receipt and contra. That means you will select a single that is to be credited or debited (for payments credited, for receipts debited) then you will select the accounts to be credited (for receipts) or debited (for payments). This is the single entry mode in Tally.
For example if you are making a payment you will first select a Cash or bank account and in the particulars you will select a supplier (for example). and on the right hand side you will enter the amount of payment. This method is simple and convenient. However if you want double entry system you can still use it by configuring Tally.

To do this open Accounting Vocher Creating screen (F5: Payment, F6: Receipt). Press F12: Configure. Give No to Use Single Entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra. Now you will have both debit and credit fields.

Learn Tally 9 in Hindi

Tally in Hindi With Google Translate

Google offers a wonderful tool to translate web pages from one language to others. Many people wish to learn tally (Indian Accounting package) in their own language. Many people asked me to provide the tutorial in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. I can write in all these languages. I can write only in English and Tamil. But Google a offers a translation tool to translate to many languages.

I have used the tool in my blog. You can find the translate option in bottom right hand side of this blog. Enjoy! Now learn Tally in Hindi!!

New Financial Year Creation in Tally

How to split company Data?

For each financial year we want to keep separate data. When a financial year ends we want to put the closing balance of previous year as opening balance of  new year. It tally it is easy to create new financial year by splitting company data.

For example if your current financial year is 1-4-2010. At the end of 31-3-2011 you will want to open new account. So ledger balances will be carried over. Voucher numbers will start with number 1.To do this use the 'Split Company Data' option in tally.

Here is the step-by-step guide create new year:

Open Tally 9. Open the company you want to split. Press Cmp. Info (Alt+F3) button on the right hand side.
You will get the above screen select 'Split company Data'.
Give the beginning date of new financial year. Usually April -1 is the commencement of new financial year in India. So give that date. press enter. Now you will have two companies First Company and Second Company. Your Original data will be retained.

Narration for Each Entry in Voucher

How to configure to use narration for each entry?

Someone asked me to show how to configure tally to enter narration for each entry. If you set this option tally will show a narration field for each ledger involved in voucher. This option should be set for the voucher type you wish to set. For example if want narration for each entry in payment voucher, you have to alter payment voucher to set this.

In the Gateway of Tally select Masters -> Accounts Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter. List of voucher types will open. Select a voucher type to set narration for each entry. For example select payment voucher and give yes to Narrations for each entry.

Now when you make payment voucher you will be asked for narration for each ledger.