Tally Shorcuts

Tally provides shortcut keys / hot keys to select menu. You can press a single letter on the keyboard to Access these menus. For example to Access 'Accounts Info' Menu in Masters you can press the 'A' key in the keyboard. Likewise to open 'Inventory Info' press only 'I' key.

These keyboard shortcuts in Tally are highlighted with different color (Red by default) than rest of the text.

To access the right side menu:

F1 : Select Company
Alt + F1 : Shutdown Current Company
F2 : Change Date
Alt + F2 : Change Period
F3 : Change company (This is enabled only if multiple companies are selected)
Alt + F3 : Company Info menu

In Accounts Voucher Mode:

Alt + F1 : Inventory Buttons (Stock & Inventory Related Vouchers)
F2 : Change Date
F3 : Company Selection
F4 : Contra Voucher
F5 : Payment Voucher
F6 : Receipt
F7 : Journal
F8 : Sales
Alt + F8 : Credit Note (If enabled)
F9 : Purchase
Alt + F9 : Debit Note (If Enabled)
F10 : Reverse Journal
Alt + F10 : Memos

In Inventory Voucher Mode:
F1 : Accounts Buttons (Will show accounts vouchers)
F2 : Date
F3 : change company
Alt + F4 : Purchase Order
Alt + F5 : Sales Order
Alt + F6 : Rejections Inward
Alt + F7 : Indent
Alt + F8 : Delivery Note
Alt + F9 : Receipt Note
Alt + F10 : Physical Stock entry

F11 : Features (Will be handled in separate lesson)
F12 : Configure (Will be handled in separate lesson)


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