Debit, Credit - Single/Double entry

Configure single/double entry for payment, receipt and contra

Somebody asked me he is not getting debit credit entry fields in payment/receipt vouchers. Tally 9 by default is set to single entry for payment, receipt and contra. That means you will select a single that is to be credited or debited (for payments credited, for receipts debited) then you will select the accounts to be credited (for receipts) or debited (for payments). This is the single entry mode in Tally.
For example if you are making a payment you will first select a Cash or bank account and in the particulars you will select a supplier (for example). and on the right hand side you will enter the amount of payment. This method is simple and convenient. However if you want double entry system you can still use it by configuring Tally.

To do this open Accounting Vocher Creating screen (F5: Payment, F6: Receipt). Press F12: Configure. Give No to Use Single Entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra. Now you will have both debit and credit fields.


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