Godowns in Tally

Godown is a place to store Goods which may be a warehouse, Rack, Shelf, Bin or anything. You can use this concept even to process, contractor and third party jobber. If you wish to monitor location wise movement of stock Items and also wish to maintain location wise stock, you may create Multiple Godowns and while recording transactions, specify the location, i.e., Godown.

Tally 9 allows you to create multiple Godowns. Like cost Centres, you may organize Godown into Smaller components and nest into any level. Thus you can logically build Factories, Warehouses, Shed Numbers, Godown Number, Rack Number, BIN number etc.

You can optionally include or exclude the value of stock in any Godown. For example, items received for repair, reprocessing, contract work, Job Work, Scrap etc. may be excluded from stock.


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