Tally 9, Lesson 1 - Company Creation

Tally 9, Lesson 1 - Company Creation

Installation of Tally 9:

Different versions of Tally use different Installation methods. Previous version will work by simply copying folders to hard driver. Newer versions are coming with MSI Installer setup. There are licensing methods for various versions which we will discuss later.

Gateway of Tally

After Installing Tally you can open Tally by clicking Tally Icon on the Desktop. You will get the Gateway of Tally Screen.

On the Left hand side is ‘List of Selected Companies’ which lists name of the companies selected and Date of Last voucher Entry for those companies. Right hand bottom side has two buttons Features and Configure.

(F11) Features will help you enable or disable Accounting, Inventory and Statutory Features. These features are company specific, that means it will be applied only to the current company you are working with.

(F12) Configure is used to change Reporting, Printing and numerical styles etc. This is applied to all companies in the DATA folder.

At the bottom of the screen there is a calculator option which can be used for arithmetic calculations.

Menu Selection in Tally

You can use keyboard up and down arrow keys for navigation. Also use the Hot Keys (Red color letter). Use ENTER key to select and item.

Freshly Installed Tally has no Companies created. So you need to create company first.

Simply select ‘Create Company’ and you will be taken to the next screen ‘Company Creation’.

Company Creation in Tally

Provide the following Details:

Name: Type the name of the company. The maximum characters for name field are 51.

Mailing Name: This will used to print name in all statements of accounts that are used to give parties outside of company.

Address: Address of the company

Statutory compliance: India for Indian companies

State: Respective state where your company operates

PIN code: Postal code

Company phone number

Email ID if available

Currency Symbol:
Rs. For Indians

In Tally 9 there are two options: 1. Account Only 2. Accounts with inventory

Financial Year From: Enter beginning date of the financial year for which you wish to keep accounts. Books are closed exactly 12 months after this date.

Books Beginning from: The date from which you actually wish to maintain your accounts in Tally. By default this is the date you specify for the Financial year Beginning. You may however give a different date to maintain books only from that date. This must be a date further to the Beginning of the financial year. In such case, you give the opening balances for accounts as at the new date and start your entries from that date.

For example you start maintaining accounts on tally from 01-09-2009 give that date for Books Beginning from and give the closing Balance on that date for ledger opening balances.

Use Security Control: If want to protect data with security control give Yes and you will be required to enter Name of Administrator and password (15 characters max.)

Base Currency Symbol: Rs. For India

Formal Name: Indian Rupees for India

Number of Decimal Places: 2 for India

Is Symbol SUFFIXED to amounts? : If you give yes the currency symbol will be placed after the amount For example 100 Rs. instead of Rs. 100

Symbol for Decimal Portion: paise for India

Show amounts in Millions: Amount is shown in millions. For example 1,000,000
Put a SPACE between Amount and Symbol: Give Yes if you want a space between amount and currency symbol

Decimal Places for Printing Amounts in Words: Tally 9 will convert the numerical values automatically to words for printing in Invoices. Give the decimals required if you want paise to be printed in words.


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