Tally 9, Lesson 2 - Configuration & Features - Part 1

Tally 9, Lesson 2 - Configuration & Features - Part 1

Tally 9 Features (F11)

By pressing the F11 button you will get a screen as shown in Figure. The features you activate are specific for the selected company and will not affect any other company you work with Tally 9.

Company Features Tally 9

Here is the Features one-by-one

Accounting Features

Accounting Features


Integrate Accounts and Inventory?

If you have opted Accounts with Inventory in Company Creation Screen, responding Yes here will post Closing Stock Value automatically to the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c from Inventory records. However, even if you have opted to maintain Accounts with Inventory for the Company but want to input Closing Stock value on your own respond No, which will not post the stock valuation and you will have the option to manually put the figure in stock Ledger(s).

Income/Expense Statement instead of P & L?

Instead of Profit & Loss Statement it will give as Income/Expense Statement

Allow Multi-Currency?

If you work with Multi-Currency in the Company, respond Yes.

Maintain Budgets and Controls?

If you want to maintain Budgets, Credit Limits, respond Yes


Allow Invoicing?

Bills can be entered either in Voucher mode or in Invoice Mode. The elementary difference is: In Voucher mode, first accounting entries are done followed by Inventory allocation requiring prior computation of Bill Value whereas in Invoice mode, first Inventory entries are made and the Bill Value is auto computed and Tax & Additional charges are also auto-computed. If you want Invoicing, give Yes.

Enter purchases in Invoice format?

If you want to enter Purchase Bills in Invoice format, give Yes.

Use Debit / Credit Notes?

If you want to generate Debit Note and Credit Notes you can enable this feature by giving Yes

Outstandings Management

Maintain Bill-Wise Details?

Set to Yes if you want to track bill-by-bill outstanding.

(for Non-Trading A/cs also?)
If you want bill-wise tracking for other accounts apart from sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors, give yes

Activate Interest Calculation?
If you want to calculate Interests for Ledger Accounts, give Yes.

(Use advanced parameters?)
If you want to activate advanced parameters for Interest calculations, give Yes

Cost/Profit Centres Management

Maintain Payroll?
Give Yes if you want to maintain employee payroll (Attendance, Salary & Wages)

Maintain Cost Centres?
Give Yes if you want Cost Centres

Enable Cheque Printing?

Give Yes if you want to print Cheques.

Set / Alter Cheque Printing Configuartion

Give yes and a screen will ask for Company Name on Cheque and Name of Banks (From Bank Ledgers) After completing this another ‘Cheque printing Configuration’ Screen will open up. You can give width and height of the cheque, salutation and other options for printing the cheque. (Tally 5.4 prints payee’s Name in one line and will print cheque amount in 2 lines).

Inventory Features

Inventory Features

Allow zero valued entries?
Give Yes to allow zero valued entries.

Maintain Multiple Godowns?
Give Yes if you want to maintain more than on Godown/Warehouse.

Maintain Stock Categories?
Apart from Stock Groups, if you want to have secondary classification of items into Stock Categories, give Yes.

Maintain Batch-wise Details?
If you require Batch/Lot-wise details for items, give Yes

(Set Expiry Dates for Batches)?
Set to Yes if you require Manufacturing and Expiry Dates for the batches (applies to Medical drugs / medicines)

Use different Actual and Billed Qty?
If your billing quantity if different from actual quantity set this option to Yes, which will allow to input different quantity for Actual and Billed. Actual quantity will update stock and Billed Quantity will be used to compute Invoice.

Order Processing:

Allow purchase order processing?

Give Yes if you want to generate purchase order (PO)

Allow Sales order processing?
Give Yes if you want to generate Sales order

Use Tracking Numbers?
If goods move without Invoice and if you require Goods Inward or Goods Outward vouchers give Yes.

Use Rejection Inward/Outward Note?
If you require separate document for rejected items, i.e, Rejection-In for Goods returned to you by Buyers and Rejection-Out for Goods returned by you to sellers to record movement of goods without Accounting documents, set this option to Yes.

Statutory & Taxation

Statutory and Taxation in Tally 9

Enable Dealer – Excise?
Give Yes to enable Excise duty

Set/Alter Dealer Excise Details
Give Yes and a screen will pop up asking for ECC/PAN based Regn/Code No, Range and Division Name and Address and commissionerate.

Enable Value Added Tax (VAT)?
Give yes to enable VAT

Set/Alter VAT Details
Give Yes and a screen will popup asking for State and applicable date for VAT

Enable Service Tax?
Give Yes to enable service TAX

Set/Alter Service Tax Details:
Give Yes and a screen will pop up asking for service Tax Registration No, Date of Registration, Assessee code, Division, Range and commissionerate.

Enable Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)?
Give Yes to activate TDS in Tally 9.

Set/Alter TDS Details
Give Yes and a screen will pop up asking for Tax Assessment Number, Income Tax Circle Etc.,

Enable Tax Collected at Source (TCS)?
Give Yes to enable TCS
Set/Alter TCS Details
Give Yes to alter TCS Details

Enable Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)?
Give Yes to enable FBT Tax

Set / Alter FBT Details:
Give Yes and a screen will popup asking for PAN / Income – Tax Number etc.

Tax information:

Local Sales Tax Number: _________
Inter-State Sales Tax Number: ____________
PAN / Income Tax No: ________________


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