Narration for Each Entry in Voucher

How to configure to use narration for each entry?

Someone asked me to show how to configure tally to enter narration for each entry. If you set this option tally will show a narration field for each ledger involved in voucher. This option should be set for the voucher type you wish to set. For example if want narration for each entry in payment voucher, you have to alter payment voucher to set this.

In the Gateway of Tally select Masters -> Accounts Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter. List of voucher types will open. Select a voucher type to set narration for each entry. For example select payment voucher and give yes to Narrations for each entry.

Now when you make payment voucher you will be asked for narration for each ledger.


Anonymous said...

i need to alter in payment voucher coz when i enter party name the cursor does not go to amount field instead it goes to item allocation , which makes it tedious to enter all stock details, i need to enter
as bill wise adjustment but it does not show this option...kindly help

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