New Financial Year Creation in Tally

How to split company Data?

For each financial year we want to keep separate data. When a financial year ends we want to put the closing balance of previous year as opening balance of  new year. It tally it is easy to create new financial year by splitting company data.

For example if your current financial year is 1-4-2010. At the end of 31-3-2011 you will want to open new account. So ledger balances will be carried over. Voucher numbers will start with number 1.To do this use the 'Split Company Data' option in tally.

Here is the step-by-step guide create new year:

Open Tally 9. Open the company you want to split. Press Cmp. Info (Alt+F3) button on the right hand side.
You will get the above screen select 'Split company Data'.
Give the beginning date of new financial year. Usually April -1 is the commencement of new financial year in India. So give that date. press enter. Now you will have two companies First Company and Second Company. Your Original data will be retained.


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